It’s A Loud World

Hearing and being able to understand others is arguably the most important facet of communication. In our day to day lives we are surrounded by a cacophony of noise that can present barriers to hearing and understanding one another. When individuals have hearing loss, it presents an additional challenge to communication. Hearing loss can cause reduced speech understanding, processing, and comprehension. At Priority Hearing we understand the challenges that the world presents to those with hearing loss and we strive to evaluate and treat our patients in an effective way to minimize these challenges.

Audiometric testing is typically completed in quiet to ensure accurate results, but many patients feel as though their primary difficulties are in the presence of background noise. At Priority Hearing we offer a specific test of speech understanding in background noise to be able to accurately assess how our patients perform in these problematic situations. Using the results of this exam we are able to specifically pick hearing technology to optimally help in your day-to-day life. Research shows that being fit with appropriate devices with noise reduction built in can greatly reduce listening effort, and increase speech understanding.

Most hearing aids that are out on the market today have some form of noise management system built in, but not all noise management systems are created equal. One benefit of more advanced technology is it can alleviate stress on our cognitive system in processing speech in noise. The most advanced hearing aids available have noise reduction procedures that can reduce the noise enough that it is easier for our minds to process and understand what others are saying. We take great pride in our assessment of the systems that are available to consumers and work with 6 different brands to ensure that we can fit our patients with the correct technology for their hearing loss and lifestyle. From year to year the products that we offer change to ensure we stay on the forefront of technology and advancements in these advanced systems.

If you are interested in having your speech in noise abilities tested, reach out to our office now for a comprehensive audiologic assessment.




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