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If you keep turning up the television because you can’t hear or you realize you sometimes miss what people say over the phone, it’s time to schedule an audiology consultation. Devin Anderson, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, and the professional team at Priority Hearing and Tinnitus in Maricopa and San Tan Valley, Arizona, perform comprehensive hearing assessments, identify any problems, and recommend the steps you should take to improve your hearing. To schedule your evaluation, call the office that’s most convenient or use the online booking feature.

Audiology Consultation Q & A

When might I need an audiology consultation?

The purpose of an audiology consultation is to evaluate your hearing and determine if you have any hearing loss or other problems in your ear that may affect your hearing. If your Priority Hearing and Tinnitus provider identifies hearing loss, they determine the severity of the problem and whether you need a hearing aid or assistive devices.

You should consider scheduling an audiology consultation if you:

  • Have a hard time hearing soft speech
  • Can’t hear due to background noise
  • Can’t follow conversations
  • Feel pressure in your ears
  • Have tinnitus (ringing in your ears)
  • Can’t hear high-pitched sounds

What happens during an audiology consultation?

Your audiology consultation at Priority Hearing and Tinnitus lasts about 90 minutes and includes your initial hearing test. Your doctor begins by reviewing your medical history with special attention to issues that may affect hearing. It’s important to know about your exposure to loud noises, any medications you take, your surgical history, and if you have a family history of hearing problems.

For the next step, your doctor evaluates your outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum, looking for any signs of damage, earwax buildup, or infection. For the final step, you have an audiological evaluation, which includes a variety of possible hearing tests.

What hearing tests does an audiology consultation include?

At your audiology consultation, you receive your initial hearing tests. If these tests uncover a problem, you may need additional testing. However, there are numerous specialized hearing tests that can take extra time. As a result, you may need to schedule a second appointment to finish.

The initial hearing tests you receive include:

Pure tone audiometry

This is the hearing test most people are familiar with. During the test, you wear headphones and listen to a series of tones while your provider controls the volume. You indicate when you can hear the sound.

Speech test

During this test, you hear a series of words at different volumes, and you repeat the ones you hear.


This test evaluates your middle ear and the mobility of your eardrum and conduction bones.

While your provider may conduct other hearing tests during your initial audiology consultation, the results of the tests in this list typically provide enough information to guide your next step.

If you’re worried about hearing loss, call Priority Hearing and Tinnitus or schedule an appointment online.