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Earmolds serve as an important component in hearing aids, but on their own, they can protect your hearing by filtering loud noises. Devin Anderson, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, and the team at Priority Hearing and Tinnitus provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art hearing examinations, so they can fully educate patients about their earmold needs and treat their unique hearing challenges. To learn if you might prevent hearing loss with earmolds, call the Maricopa or San Tan Valley, Arizona, office, or schedule an appointment online.

Earmolds Q & A

What are earmolds?

An earmold is a device that’s customized to fit your outer ear. Though earmolds are best known as the part of a hearing aid that goes in your ear, they can be individually designed to fill other jobs, with the most important being to protect from noise-induced hearing loss.

How does noise cause hearing loss?

Loud noise is one of the top causes of hearing loss. When exposed to loud sounds, they damage the sensory receptors inside your ear. As a result, they can’t send the signals to your brain that enable you to hear, a problem that can lead to permanent hearing loss.

You can lose your hearing from a single exposure to a loud noise or with frequent exposure over time. Industrial machinery, power tools, snow blowers, and loud music are a few of the possible sources of sounds capable of damaging your hearing.

How do earmolds protect my hearing?

You can prevent noise-induced hearing loss by turning down the volume when you listen to music, but if you work around loud noises that can’t be adjusted, earmolds prevent harmful levels of noise from getting into your ears.   

Specially made earmolds enhance certain sounds while blocking out loud background noises. For example, musicians' earmolds reduce the volume of the music without distorting the sound. Another type of protective earmold, called a shooting earmold, enhances normal speech while protecting your ears from loud firearms.

Can I get earmolds for other purposes?

One of the most common uses for customized earmolds is to ensure your hearing aid fits properly. When you get a hearing aid, the team at Priority Hearing and Tinnitus make a mold of your ear to produce your hearing aid. These earmolds channel sound from your hearing aid or another amplified device directly into your ear.

Customized earmolds that selectively block sounds while allowing you to hear others work well for pilots, law enforcement officers, and many other jobs or circumstances in which you’re frequently exposed to loud noise. They’re especially beneficial for patients with hyperacusis who need to relieve their symptoms by reducing sound levels.

The team at Priority Hearing and Tinnitus offers a variety of earmolds for purposes other than blocking out sound. For example, they provide swimming earmolds to keep water out of your ear and others that block out sound while you sleep.

If you have questions about earmolds, call Priority Hearing and Tinnitus or schedule an appointment online.